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Corra Group Ramps Up Employment Screening to Commercial Trucking Firms as Hiring Gains After a Downturn

El Segundo, Ca (PRWEB) June 09, 2015

Corra Group is once again ramping up its efforts to assist commercial trucking and transportation compliance requirements as the industry overall shows signs of rebounding after months of a decline. The renewed efforts include providing background checks for new drivers as well as offering its trucking package services for all the Department of Transportation Compliance Mandates.

According to the April online issue of Journal of Commerce, the trucking industry had been showing a dramatic decline in hiring, said Corra Group Co-Founder, Nick Gustavson. The industry lost some 6,700 jobs in March but recovered more than a quarter of them in April. In all, hiring in the trucking industry had doubled from 2013 through 2014, going from about 25 thousand jobs to some 46 thousand jobs. This has meant significant competition in the job market, making it tough to find good drivers.

Gustavson pointed out that trucking companies not only need drivers, but they need good drivers. He noted they need drivers with decent safety records, have no substance abuse issues, who will meet DOT compliance standards, and who will show up for the job.

This is where Corra Group comes in, said Gustavson. As part of our updates in offering background checks to trucking companies, we are providing Commercial Motor Vehicle Driving Reports from every state in the union. The new drivers license not only include, violations, DUIs, accidents and the like, but also can tell you whether your driver is current with his Medical Certification. The Medical Certification information on the driving record is of major value to employers in this industry.

Corra Group has also expanded its DOT drug testing capabilities and offers PSP Reports, which are instrumental in detailing a drivers highway safety records. We offer DOT Compliant Employment Verifications, a search that many employers find difficult and unwieldy when they try to do it in-house.

Gustavson took note of the JOC article where it intimates stiff competition in finding qualified truck drivers. He cautioned how its clients should review carefully all background checks returned by Corra Group, lest in their haste they hire the wrong candidate for the job.

Its a tough hiring market out there, said Gustavson. And it looks like it is about to get tougher. But if you hire precipitously you can make a serious mistake and live to regret it. At Corra Group, we hear a good many horror stories related to the trucking industry. Which is but one of the reasons we are constantly sourcing for new solutions that will make the hiring process go as smoothly as possible.

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